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Formations BREEAM

En 2015, Blue Planet Academy & Consulting est devenu le premier centre global et international reconnu BRE académie de formation. Grâce à cette reconnaissance, BPAC pourra organiser toutes les formations BREEAM qui sont applicables sur le marché belge, en termes d’évaluation et de consultance pour la construction durable et ainsi répondre à la demande croissante venant du centre de l'Union Européenne et de la Commission.
Lire ici l'article de BRE Group.
Pour une formation sur mesure, la possibilité d'avoir une formation BREEAM en interne ou pour des cours du soirs, veuillez contacter le secrétariat de BPAC :
Bre Academy Terms & Conditions

Les Principes de BREEAM

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BREEAM dans le monde

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The BREEAM AP will provide the design team with expert advice on built environment sustainability, environmental design and environmental assessment. They will facilitate the team's efforts to successfully schedule activities, set priorities and negotiate the trade-offs required to achieve a target BREEAM rating when the design is formally assessed.

Details :

BREEAM AP qualification is open to suitably experienced construction professionals who already have a good knowledge of environmental design and the design process, and wish to deliver buildings to meet BREEAM certification requirements. In recognition of the significant contribution a BREEAM AP can make to the design process, extra credits are given in some BREEAM schemes for appointing and using an AP. The following schemes recognise the BREEAM AP qualification:

  • BREEAM New Construction 2011 (UK)
  • BREEAM International New Construction 2013
  • BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment 2012

Entry requirements for the AP course:

  • Recognised academic / vocational qualification in a relevant built environment discipline
  • At least three years post graduate (or equivalent) professional experience working in a role covering the sustainability of the built environment - candidates will ideally have design team involvement on a number of projects where sustainability was part of the project brief e.g. a target to achieve at least BREEAM Excellence for the completed design
  • Knowledge of environmental design / integrated design with an appreciation of life cycle assessment and cost analysis
  • Minimum levels of work experience and on-the-job training can be considered as alternatives to formal qualification and professional membership

Desired: Appropriate membership of a professional institution

Programme - Online learning (20h)

BREEAM AP self-study course:

  • To be completed by all delegates
  • Estimated minimum study time needed 20-25 hours
  • Contents:
    • The role of a BREEAM AP
    • Background and scope of BREEAM
    • BREEAM assessment methodology
    • BREEAM schemes technical content
    • Decision timeline
    • Decision priorities
    • Questions

Programme - Workshop/Examination:

  • Engage with the role of being a BREEAM AP
  • Practical steps to be taken
  • Key implementation principles
  • Effective facilitation of the creation of truly great buildings
  • Candidates will apply and share their expertise in a series of individual and team exercises
  • 60 minute BREEAM AP examination. For more information on the exams please click here

Please note: the workshop is not designed to directly help candidates pass the exam (the distance learning and recommended reading are the preparation for this). You must complete your online course material before attending the workshop/examination.


  • 1.900 EUR (BTW incl.) (workshop/examination) plus 400 EUR (BTW incl.) (subscription payment*)
  • 1.400 EUR (BTW incl.) (workshop/examination - discounted price for Licensed BREEAM Assessors excluding BREEAM Communities) plus 400 EUR (BTW incl.) (subscription payment*)

 * Subscription Payment - Subsequent annual renewal fee for all BREEAM APs is payable on successful completion of the two exams. This maintains the Green Book Live listing, access to the BREEAM Extranet and maintenance of CPD – this is a requirement of maintaining your AP status. Please note the first subscription must be paid within the first 6 months on successful completion of the two exams.

Intended audience :

The BREEAM Accredited Professional (BREEAM AP) qualification is aimed at architects, engineers and others with design skills, experience and/or responsibilities.

For more information:

BRE Academy / Blue Planet Academy
+32 (0) 2 740 43 71

19/10/2017 - 19/10/2017ICAB1 570,25 € + TVA
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BREEAM International New Construction (NC) can be used to assess the sustainability of new buildings at the design and construction stages of a project. It enables developers to evaluate, improve and demonstrate the sustainability credentials of their buildings in a consistent way across the world. The scheme can be used to assess new commercial buildings (i.e. office, retail, industrial) and residential buildings.

The scheme provides an independent means of assessing key environmental impacts associated with construction projects. Within the ten BREEAM categories (e.g. Management, Energy), credits are awarded according to the performance of the development. The score achieved in each category is then weighted to reflect the importance of each category. The weighted scores are combined and the final score translated into a rating of Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding. The BREEAM International New Construction scheme provides a means of adapting the category weightings to achieve the greatest relevance to the country of assessment.

BREEAM Assessors training courses are targeted at consutrction engineers, architects, designers, construction/design teams, city planners, real estate experts, building certifiers and assessors, energy experts and construction managers. The course is currently open to all without pre-qualification requirements. Knowledge/expertise in construction, sustainability principles, building regulations, environmental design and energy perfroamnce will be advantageous.

International New Construction: content and structure

BREEAM International assessor training commences with  interactive online modules delivered through our dedicated online learning portal. Following the online learning phase delegates shall attend 2.5 days of classroom based learning which will consolidate their understanding and newly acquired knowledge. To finalise the classroom learning, delegates undertake two ninety minute multiple choice examinations. Upon the successful completion of the training and examinations delegates are qualified as BREEAM International assessors.

Once you have become qualified, you are eligible to apply for a BREEAM International licence. There is no fee attached to the annual licence, you are however charged a lodgement fee per assessment registered.

A short overview of the main topics, handled throughout the course:

  • The ten BREEAM categories of Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Transport, Materials, Waste, Water, Land Use and Ecology, Pollution and Innovation
  • Minimum standards which must be met in order to achieve a BREEAM rating
  • Exemplary level requirements
  • Mandatory Post-Construction Stage Assessment

A more detailed description of the content of the (online and classroom) training course is given below.

Online learning

BREEAM International assessor training commences with interactive online modules delivered through our dedicated online learning portal. Delegates will be led on a journey into BREEAM by way of interactive content and technical presentations which will gradually build their knowledge and confidence within the BREEAM International 2016 scheme. Delegates participate in 20-30 hours of online learning before attending classroom training, there will be online support to help delegates complete the modules. The distance learning elements of the training course are designed for delegates to complete at their own pace, each module concludes with an automated quiz to allow learners to track their own progress throughout the course.

Module 1 – An introduction to BREEAM
Module 2 – The BREEAM International and Bespoke processes, reporting and evidence requirements
Module 3 – Technical modules: Management, Health & Wellbeing, Energy, Transport
Module 4 - Technical modules: Water, Materials, Waste, Land Use & Ecology, Pollution


Classroom training

Following the online learning phase delegates shall attend 2.5 days of classroom based learning which will consolidate their understanding and newly acquired knowledge. Through workshops and group learning activities delegates will refine their understanding, gained through the online training, before moving on to the more complex and technical aspects of the scheme. Fully supported by a dedicated tutor for each module, training is delivered by leading BRE technical trainers.

Day 1 – Brief initial test to ensure the delegates have completed the online study
Day 2 – Tailoring BREEAM International for different building types
Day 3 (half day) - Q&A, Top-up exam


Delegates will undertake two ninety minute multiple choice examinations during the classroom training. Both exams are fully open book, allowing delegates to refer to any notes or documentation they feel may assist them. Assessors will need to pass both examinations to become qualified within the scheme. Please note that you must present acceptable photo identification (ID) for admission to the examination. This may be either your passport, driving licence or EU ID card. Please note that without photo ID you will not be permitted to undertake the examinations.

Registration conditions

The price of the course is EUR 2495,- (BTW excl.). This includes:

  • All course materials
  • Examination(s)
  • CPD certificate
  • Lunches and refreshments

Please note that once qualified, to offer and carryout BREEAM assessments through to certification you or your organisation must hold the relevant BREEAM licence. To become licensed, all assessors/assessor organisations are required to hold a minimum level of professional indemnity insurance. Furthermore, depending on the scheme chosen, there may be an annual fee payable to BRE Global to hold the required BREEAM licence.

For more information:

BRE Academy / Blue Planet Academy
+32 (0) 2 740 43 71

02/10/2017 - 04/10/2017ICAB2 495,00 € + TVA